20 Stress Busters To Get You Through Strenuous Situations

Everybody encounters stressful situations on a regular basis. It doesn’t matter if it’s national politics, inflammatory videos and Facebook posts, or overused memes, something is going to get us stressed in our day to day life. Here are some helpful tips in the battle against stress.

The Whirlies

If you’ve never been there after drinking or having too much of a good thing (puff puff cough cough), you are obviously not having enough fun at the right parties. When you’ve had a few too many and the world feels like it is spinning, give this technique a try: lay on one side of your bed, and put one foot down on the floor. It will stop the spinning sensation.

Got Migraines?

It is amazing how fast this takes effect to cure your really bad headaches. It’s also useful for dealing with hangovers. Next time you are feeling a headache coming on, put your hands in a bowl of ice water, clenching and unclenching them slowly. You will feel immediate relief.

Presentation Angst

Many people dislike public speaking and presentations, but it is a fast becoming a necessity in many professions. Here’s a tip that works well to maintain eye contact and engagement with your audience even if you feel anxious: start counting. Count the number of people with blonde hair, or the number of people wearing blue shirts. You will stop focusing on the people as you count, but you will still maintain good eye contact. Give it a try next time you are in front of a group presenting information.

Paralyzed by Indecision?

While it may be the first choice of a particular Batman villain, this is actually a fantastic way to determine how you really feel about a decision, and it also helps you determine what you actually want the outcome to be. Toss a coin to choose between two alternatives: if you feel disappointed with the results of the coin toss, you now know what it is you really want to do about the situation.

Anger Management

This technique is as surprisingly effective and immediate as putting your hands in ice to treat a migraine. Take a cool or cold shower the next time you are angry about something. You will find yourself much calmer and more rational after the experience. A cool washcloth on your forehead, eyes, or the back of your neck is also an excellent means to achieving a similar effect if a shower isn’t an available option, like when you are at work.

Better Than Counting Sheep

If you never memorized your times tables, this will sharpen your math skills and help your brain slow down when you can’t sleep. Recite times tables to nine until your brain is tired. That’s it. Amazing how math is so remarkably effective in wearing out your intellect so you can sleep isn’t it?

Make It a Choice, Not a Victimization

This one works especially well when you are trying to exercise your own willpower. Tell yourself that when you are avoiding something that is bad for you, you are not giving it up or losing, but you are making a conscious choice to do better. Changing how you perceive a problem can often make all the difference between success and failure.

Hold Back The Tears With Math

This sounds ridiculous, but it is also amazing how much easier it is to reign in emotions when you engage the more logical/mathematical portion of your brain.

Craft Something Simple

If you feel like you can’t win no matter what you do lately, and everything feels like it is falling apart because you are incompetent, the best thing to do is make something simple to provide yourself with a renewed sense of confidence. You’d be amazed how easy it is to make yourself feel better about the world by just creating something.

OCD Nature Therapy

Skip the sidewalk and walk on the grass. It is easier on your feet, and it reduces anxiety about stepping on cracks. I never thought about this one before, but it works exceptionally well for the obsessive compulsive in all of us, and it does wonders for the rest of us to have that Earth connection while we walk.

Headache Hair Fix

While this could be awkward should you ask a stranger, a close friend, significant other or family member would most likely willingly oblige you on this one: ask an appropriate person in your life to run their fingers through your hair, massaging your scalp. You will find that your headache eases significantly thanks to this tip. Some people also find that having another person brush their hair has a similar effect.

Dizzy Spell Fix

Dancers use this technique when making multiple rotations on the dance floor to keep from losing their balance. It is definitely one of the more effective means of combatting dizziness. Focus on a distant point in the room, and keep fixing your gaze on it until the dizzzy spell passes.

Routine Matters

This is so important to maintaining a busy lifestyle and making sure you accomplish your need-tos and want-tos without added stress. My personal daily ritual is a morning cup of coffee and evening cup of tea (iced or hot depending on the season). It is very soothing, and it helps me calm myself down when I get too worked up.

Chore Couples Therapy

This is a great way to help each of you calm down after a heated disagreement or a fight: go clean the house separately at the same time. It not only makes your living space more appealing, but also gives you time to rationally process the disagreement.

Accuse the Person in the Mirror

I personally use this technique when I need to get things done: say your excuses for procrastinating or not doing what you need to out loud. It is good to remember how ridiculous our inner monologue can be when we say things out loud.

Dust-Bust Depression

This has always been particularly effective for me and several of my friends over the years. When you feel down, don’t sit and mope: go clean your room, and then keep cleaning. Cleaning house mentally often begins by first cleaning house physically.

Musical Focus

Listen to music without words while you write or study. I have several playlists on Spotify that have been curated for this exact purpose.

Running Fix

Struggling to finish that morning run? Rub your fingers and thumbs against each other and focus on that sensation instead of the burning in your legs and lungs.I have personally never tried this, but I fully intend to at the next opportunity.

Pep with Peppers

Eat a hot pepper for a quick mid-day energy boost. I am lucky that they usually have hot peppers at the salad bar I visit everyday for lunch. This is not only a healthy solution to more energy, but it is near instantly effective.

Don’t Fight Fidgeting

Having trouble staying focused in class or at work? Keep a small toy you can play with one handed in your pocket, and play with it one handed during those hard to focus times. There are dozens of fidget cubes on the market with all kinds of ways you can stay focused by occupying your hands quietly.

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