17 Roadtrip Ideas for the Summer Months

The roadtrip is a staple for anyone looking to get away for cheap. And, we are lucky enough to live in a country where every state is like its own foreign country with its own dialects and customs. No two states are alike, which means you will always have a new adventure. Check out these 15 destinations for your next roadtrip:

Redwood National State Park, CA

If you like the outdoors, this forest is perfect for you. With the tallest tree in the world, this majestic destination will blow your mind and help you unplug.

Pacific Coast Highway

This 655-mile roadway is known as California's most Beautiful sites, running through the Cali's most traveled cities: Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Malibu, and Monterey. You will see miles of scenic roads, oceans, cliffs, and palm trees.

New Orleans, LA

Of course, the Big Easy would be included a list like this. With a mix of cultures and colorful traditions like Mardi Gras, this is the ultimate party city. If you don't make it this summer, be sure to put it on your bucket list and see it at least once in your life, preferably during Mardi Gras.

Washington D.C.

Every American should visit his or her Capital city, and Washington DC is just n interesting place to visit. With a plethora of museums and landmarks to choose from, you can spend several hours wandering around the city. History buffs will especially love this area.

New York City

While Manhatten is usually the main destination when visiting New York, the other boroughs also have plenty to offer. the Bronx Zoo, for example, is a great destination to visit and Brooklyn is home to Coney Island and the Boardwalk. You can spend a week alone visiting NYC.


Yes, Canada is a country, and yes, it is outside America. But, while in New York, you can travel north to Syracuse and the Canadian border to see Niagara Falls on the American side, then go in Canada to see it from the Canadian side, visit Quebec, and Montreal, see the Thousand Islands, and more. Canada is definitely a roadtripper's dream.

Orlando, Fl

Orlando and amusement parks are synonymous, so this destination is perfect for every man (or woman) child. With attractions such as the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Epcot, Magic Kingdom, and Seaworld you'll never want to leave.

Nashville, TN

The capital of country music, Nashville is vibrant, colorful, and musically inclined. With the birthplace of many a country star, Nashville is where country music dreams are made of.

Surf City, NC

Surfers, swimmers, and just plain old beach lovers will adore Surf City and its pier.

Bar Harbor, Maine

Acadia National park is one of Marica's most beautiful national parks in America, and Bar Harbor is its home. With breathtaking views and scenery, it is every nature lover's paradise.

Wildwood, NJ

The Jersey Shore has been even more popularized thanks to the tv show, but Wildwood has been a great Summer destination way before that. With games and attractions on the boardwalk, several beaches to choose from, water parks, and a plethora of dining choices, Wildwood is great for kids and adults alike. If Wildwood isn't your cup of tea, then perhaps Atlantic City or Ocean City are some more options at the Jersey Shore.

Miami to Key West

A little-known fact is that there is a road connecting the mainland to Key West, so you can visit both popular destinations in one visit.

Las Vegas, NV

Vegas is the ultimate land of debauchery and fun, known for gambling and having a grand old time. However, don't start your trip in Vegas because you may not be able to afford to travel anymore. It would make an epic last horrah, however.

Boston, MA

Boston is every history buff's fantasy city as it is the birthplace of the American Revolution. From the harbor where the Tea Party began to the Freedom Trail, you can visit all these locations when you are there. Fenway Park, Max Brenner's Chocolate Restaurant, and the New England Aquarium are some more sites to visit.

Dallas, Tx

Dallas is home to the Cowboys, rodeos, and the Dallas Museum of Art, and is the fourth most populated city in the US. Texas, in general, is a great state to visit, so while you are there, make sure to check out. Other popular cities include Houston, Austin, Galveston, San Antonio, and Fort Worth.

Philadelphia, Pa

Home to the Philly Cheesesteak and pretzels, Center City is also full of history and urban culture. Check out the variety of museums and see where the Declaration of Independence was signed. If you have time, you should also make it to Harrisburg and see the PA Capitol, which Teddy Roosevelt called "The Most Handsomest Building" he has ever seen.

Poconos, Pa

The Poconos is made up of several cities, but it is a great place to visit year round. Known for their skiing attractions in the Winter, the summer season has a great many attractions as well. From Bushkill falls to Camelback Resort, there is something for everyone. Hiking trails, kayaking, and breathtaking views and swimming holes are just some of the things one can experience in these mountains.

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