20 Airport People Who Make Flying Coach What It Is Today

Travelling during the holidays is about as entertaining and fun as major dental surgery for the most part, but during delays at gates and layovers, holiday travel does offer some unique opportunities for people watching. Or disturbing, depending on your point of view and personal opinion. Check out these bizarre and unusual photos of people captured at the airport, all of which are significantly more entertaining than your average in-flight movie.

Stairway To...

Every journey has its first steps, but usually when it comes to air travel a plane is involved first as well.

Nap n' Ride

With any luck, this little girl spent the whole trip fast asleep like this and just woke up when they got there. Good thing she wasn’t shrinkwrapped like the other suitcase in the photo.

Double Duty Pillow

Hopefully this man isn’t an American Airlines passenger. They announced they were no longer providing pillows in flight in order to trim expenses.

Now turn your head and cough...

Hopefully for that passenger, this TSA agent is currently in training to be a doctor and is offering a free checkup. With the security checkpoint wait at major airports currently clocking in at 16 minutes, he’d have more than sufficient time.

Airport Napping: Expert Level

Sleep is important, but probably not this important. That looks painful. Also, his luggage?


Why do dangerous and deadly things always look like so much fun? Clearly, the man in the diagram is having a blast.

You finished with that section?

The newspaper page over the head is understandable, but the rest of the paper? Not so much. Is he cold? Attempting to guard his modesty should he unexpectedly have a particularly interesting dream?

Right Angle Bookworm

There are few joys in life like curling up with a good book. Except at the airport. Curling up at a right angle. Oh, and that book? That’s your pillow. Still sound good? I thought not.

Planking Protestor

If she’s protesting the loss of her luggage, there are probably safer and more comfortable ways to do so. Just sayin’ is all. Fortunately for many travellers, losing your luggage and attempting to recover it will not be such a tremendous chore: By the end of 2016, most airlines currently plan to offer an app or SMS based luggage status update system that will allow passengers to report lost luggage or belongings via smartphone.

Take your time...

Obviously there has been some sort of unexpected delay, but the man lower right clearly isn’t worried. Recent studies indicate that Baltimore/Washington airport has the worst delay rate at 25% of all flights in and out of this airport are delayed 15 minutes or longer.

Box Away From Home

Clearly, these two came prepared for an extended layover. Makes a lot of sense though: why put something over your face when you can enjoy the comfort of your own cardboard box motel room?


Many people will tell you that the greatest challenge they face when travelling by air is arriving on time at their gate with their boarding pass. As we rise to face our own challenges, let us pause for a moment to send out a silent prayer for this mom pin the picture who is clearly finding the most challenging aspect of air travel getting both toddlers moving in the same direction at the same time.

Body Scanning

Some people feel the need to prove they aren’t carrying anything suspicious. The TSA seems to find his method a bit transparent though.

Brief Security Check

At any given time, there are 61,000 airborne passengers above the United States in transit to their various destinations. How often must you travel if you are going through security checkpoints in nothing but a pink pair of briefs while holding your briefcase?

Laptops Are So Over...

Behold! The hipster way to fly. Good luck getting any shuteye in flight if they decide to put in some work on the first draft of their postmodern novel.

Rolling Roadblock

The airline industry may rake in 170 billion every year, but it most likely sees some heavy losses every time this lady flies. Clearly, she is not about life in the fast lane. Could also be her secret to unnaturally long life, too.

Frozen Food

According to research, a full third of your taste buds become numb while you are in flight. Sounds like the best time to eat your frozen veggies, as opposed to at the gate like this guy. His meal is probably still superior in taste to the inflight meal though.

Body Scanner 2: Return of The Bodyscan

Despite what you might think, this is NOT one of the new airport body scanners. This photo kinda makes it look like someone didn’t tell this person, and they hopped right on the conveyor after their belongings.

Staking Out a Claim

As with real estate, camping is all about location. This person knows the value of finding a good place to pitch their tent, especially when they make camp right directly adjacent to the nearest charging point.

Define "Comfortable"

Most travellers prefer to wear the clothes in which they know they will be most comfortable for extended periods of time. Obviously, this particular traveller is definitely not “most travellers”. Just looking at those heels makes my feet hurt.

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