19 Lame Teens Whose Fails Are Physically Painful To Look At

Teenagers are new to the ways of the world with everything to prove and almost nothing with which to back themselves up. Fortunately, thanks to the internet, this makes their lives a source of endless entertainment for the rest of us. Here are some teens who have failed to an epic degree of failure.

Bang Bang!

This young wannabe-McLovin posted the above snap to his Facebook page with the caption "That's right b*tches. First, I bang the drum, then I bang your mum."

How could any girl say no? Most likely with pepper spray…

Smoothie Moves

It defies reason why one would not immediately rescue their phone rather than fire a pic straight to social media, but c'est la vie in the 21st century.

Tourist Twerk

Travel all the way to one of the most historic and beautiful cities of the ancient world, and what is the first thing you do? Twerk in the historic fountains. Thank heavens they didn’t take a trip to the site of a World War II concentration camp.

Flying Sea Lizards and Flying Tree Lizards

The sheer stupidity of this post is staggering. It may actually need a waiver informing readers that even glancing at this social media masterpiece can cause one to hemorrhage IQ points at an alarming rate. On the bright side, squirrels do love nuts so at least she won’t be lonely.

Tweet and Photo Or It Didn’t Happen

Back in the day when a teen got stabbed, they just had to roll around in agony while trying to stanch the bleeding, and often had to be transported to a hospital. Apparently nowadays one has to create a photo collage and attach appropriate hashtags before seeking desperately needed medical attention.

Ignorance at Its Most Terrible

There’s stupidity and crassness, and then there is this idiot. He did at least, after making one of the worst social media faux pas of all time (and received a flurry of righteously deserved criticism from pretty much the whole internet), do the world a favor and delete his account.

Map Moron

Despite having the sum total collective knowledge of the human race in the palm of their hands 24/7, the magnitude of ignorance in many youngsters is absolutely staggering. Google didn’t create every human innovation...just many of them.

Weepy Selfie

Apparently, for some it is not enough to just write how upset you are. You must post a picture of your grief in all its snotty glory. Y’know...because everyone needs to feel your feelings with you… right?

The Golden Rubber

Teenagers are bizarre creatures, caught halfway between the maturity of adulthood and the ignorance of childhood. This half-life is summarized beautifully in this photo of a young man and his most prized possessions: a gold-foil wrapped condom and his adorable penguin phone case. He is going to have to beat the girls off him with a stick.

She Can’t Be She Serious?

This has all the hallmarks of a Joey moment from Friends. Apparently she did not stop to wonder why the “drinking fountains” are level with the toilets. Clearly, her ignorance of European culture left a bad taste in her mouth.

#NoClass #TooLazyToBreakUpIRL

This moron clearly hadn’t the guts or the tact to end things with the girl in a classy fashion. It’s bad enough that he broke up with her via social media, but the use of “#TransformationTuesday”? Beyond brutal.

Adobe Photoswag

Even if a woman found herself in need of nothing besides this charming character’s swag, it seems incredibly unlikely he has the means to provide it. It isn’t the Superman tank top that kills the swagger vibe of this photo, but more the gigantic Bulls cap that has been very obviously photoshopped onto his head.


The horrendous Photoshop here is physically painful to look at. The girl may need to employ a private surgeon to remove that additional hand growing out of her stomach, and the lighting is so radically different in her pasted photo and the one of Daley that she sticks out like a sore thumb. Yikes.

Fake It ‘Til You Make It

This guy may have all the confidence of a UFC champion before a fight, but he in no way pulls off the delivery. It is a toss up between the giant faux fur coat, giant fake diamond studs, or the fake fur coat, but nothing about this look is working for him. At all.

Beyond The Pale

Fear their flabby marshmallow might! Nobody would want to bump into these tough guys on a dark street in the wrong part of town. Or anywhere. It also has absolutely nothing to do with the “weapons” they are brandishing either.

So Much Glamour

Clearly, the best view of this individual is in the rear-facing mirror of a car. Make sure to put the pedal to the metal and never look back.

The Selfie Struggle Is Real

When their heart breaks, some men write poetry. Some write songs. Others paint their brokenness onto a canvas. And then there’s this idiot…

In Vino Veritas...And It is True This Person is an Idiot

I suppose the CORKscrew thingy on the Swiss army knife must be for some other purpose than opening a bottle of wine...I mean, it’s only called a CORKscrew. Idiots.

Take Left, Shake Right, Stick The Landing...Or Not.

On what is meant to be one of the proudest days of your life second only to the birth of your first child, this knucklehead decided to try and pull off a backflip. What he managed was a belly flop of cataclysmic proportions right on the stage. That’s pretty epic on the fail scale, kid.

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