19 Disturbing Things Likely to Happen if Current Trends Continue

Popular culture seems to be in a constant cycle of endless rebooting. There are no more original ideas or concepts, now it’s just “How can we make it bigger, faster, newer, more extreme?”

It is almost possible to predict the future based on how things are currently trending in terms of popularity. Here are nineteen things that we will see in the next decade if current popular trends continue.

Clickbait News Network

We all know it’s coming. It’s only a matter of time.

Airbnb’s Solution to the Silicon Valley Housing Crisis

Just a short 8 hour commute away…

The Future of Crossfit

Ridiculous? Dangerous? Certain to cause injury? Sounds like Crossfit.

Portable Safe Space

For the future generation that is deathly intolerant of being offended.

Lil’ Rascal La-Z-Boy Edition

Soon you can cruise the big box store and stock up on all the things you need to never leave your scooter again. Pity it doesn’t have a toilet...or does it have a toilet?

The Military Industrial Supercomplex

Given the recent increases to the US military budget, this would in no way surprise me.

The Logical Next Step in Waste Management

My question is, how much do you want your toiled to know about you and your personal information? Yeah, if you thought hacked photos were bad, can you imagine your hacked toilet data? No thanks.

The Cannabis Aisle of the Grocery Store

Progress only moves forward, and you can’t unring that bell. I thought the placement of saline eye drops and cookie mix were well placed.

Guns Direct

Who needs Federal regulations and firearms restrictions? This is America! We need military grade hardware to defend our homes from threats, people we don’t like, and our overwhelming sense of personal inadequacy.

The Last Takeover

Eventually, this merger will happen. The antitrust laws won’t hold forever.

MMA/UFC Royal Rumble

Because what the UFC really needs is more simultaneous bloodsport battles.

International Vaping Competitions

After all, how is this any more pointless or boring than baseball?

Alternative History

If only this really were true...

“‘Digital Vinyl’ is TOTALLY the same as records…”

Anyone can make a playlist and keep a party going. Literally anyone. Right?

2020 Democratic Party Presidential Nominee Debates

After all, it worked so well for the GOP in 2016.

Fashion Week NYC 2027

C’mon, this one's a gimme. Hipsters of the future will be dressing like the Amish to be ironic, We all know it.

Michael Bay’s Future Films

As he proceeds on his never ending quest to destroy another generation’s childhood with a blockbuster movie franchise.

iPhonePad 20 Plus

We all know holding a tablet up to your head to talk on the phone is coming. Search your know it to be true…

Every Single Disney Classic on Broadway

You can never make too much money off of nostalgia for your media’s legacy.

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