19 Awkward Wedding Photos That Could Only Have Been Taken In Russia

You've spent months preparing for your wedding. It is one of the biggest and most important moment of your lives, so naturally, you are going to want to capture this moment forever through photography. However, sometimes your wedding day isn't as perfect as you hope it will be, and the photos capture something else entirely. Sometimes, your wedding day is more awkward than glamorous. Check out these awkward photos that could only have been taken in Russia.

When Your Bride is Crazy

Aside from the beheaded, skinned chicken, the scarier thing about this wedding photo is the face of the wife holding said creature. The combination of the beach in the background, the chicken, and the insane bride (just look at her eyes), the whole scene is straight from a horror movie.

When You Wanted Cinderella But All You Got Was a Rotten Pumpkin

The headline says it all. The man wanted his wife to cook and clean for him like Cinderella did in the skazka (story). Instead, he finds out she’s just a rotten pumpkin, and she isn’t too pleased with his comparison.

When You Make a Deal with the Devil

A handshake is a little formal for two people who just got married, and the bride can’t be too happy to be messing up her dress at this farm. Maybe that’s the devil and she made a deal with him to get her real groom? Hey, in Russia, you never know.

When Your Wife’s Weapon is Bigger than Yours

Perhaps this picture is a prophecy? Maybe, this marriage will be a Mr. and Mrs. Smith revival, Russian edition? Whatever the reason behind it, it is probably a bad idea to pose with weapons for your marriage. But the wife does look proud of her rather large gun. Or, is that the life insurance policy she is thinking about?

When You “Forget” to Invite Your Brother-In-Law

The bride and groom do not seem to be too happy to pose with this one-browed gentleman, and his resemblance to the groom seems to suggest a familial bond. He isn’t dressed for a wedding, but maybe he found out and the couple took an obligatory picture with him. Either way, this interaction is the epitome of awkward.

When You Don’t Know How to Play the Accordion

The newlyweds here are seriously uncomfortable with what is going but are too nice to send this musician packing. Fortunately, this musician is too into his craft to notice.

When You Want Him to Know Who’s Boss

We’ve all taken photos where we a holding the moon or pushing picking up the Egyptian pyramids, but this photo is by far the best. What a way to put your hubby into place. Their shared sense of humor should keep them together. Only time will tell.

When You Are Too Cheap to Buy a Real Frame

From the less than happy bride to the weird duo holding the logs (like why?), this photo is just unexplainable. Judging from the groom’s reaction, the two holding the logs seem to be part of his jokester family. Hopefully, the bride has a sense of humor because with this family, she is going to need it.

When You Drunkenly Fall But Take the Photo Anyway

It would take about two bottles of wine for anyone to think that lying in the middle of the floor for a photo is a good idea, but that isn’t even the most awkward part. While the bride and groom are dressed to the nines in a beautiful wedding gown and suit and tie, everyone else is in a “halat,” which is the Russian version of a robe you wear around the house. The party doesn’t seem to mind the state of dress, however, or that someone’s mother is just lying in the middle of the road. For a country that likes to drink, nothing is too out of the ordinary.

When Your Drunk Father Steals Your Spotlight

Every bride knows that their wedding is a day all about them. Nothing is worse than someone stealing the attention that is for the bride during her wedding. The bride here is less than thrilled with her naughty papa which isn’t surprising especially because the wedding itself is less than stellar.

When He Calls You His Queen of Hearts

It takes a committed bride to take this photo (or a drunk one). The crown and arrow seems to point to the heart: arrow through the heart and queen of hearts. It is quite the expressive wedding photo, but why is she alone? Doesn’t exactly predict a happy union if arrows and lone pictures are involved. Maybe there is some Russian significance in this posing?

When Your Wedding is on Opposite Day

Russians most definitely have a sense of humor albeit a strange one, and this photo is no exception. Perhaps this role reversal is a commentary on the future of these couples: the wife will wear the pants in the relationship.

When Your Wedding is in the Middle of a Zombie Apocalypse

So, we have a drug groom and a bride dressed in gold being stalked by three goofballs, looking all Walking Dead-esq in this next awkward photo. Even if they don’t remember it, at least this photo will document the whole strange day.

When You Get Married During Halloween

They both seem so happy to be dressed in these cheap get-ups for their wedding. The flower in the tree signifies that a wedding happened but the couple is stuck taking this photo in snowy conditions. Either way, their Paradise Lost inspired photo suggests they are polar opposites, so let’s hope they don’t turn to war.

When You Marry the Winner

When you have two women in a wedding dress, arm wrestling with the groom cheering them on, the only rational explanation (and I use rational loosely) is that the winner gets to marry the man.

When Your Marriage is FIlled with Sass

Both bride and groom want to know their marriage is better than yours and their faces show it. Let’s hope their attitudes don’t get in the way of their union.

When Your Love Can Stop Traffic

Why wouldn’t you want to spend the days after your marriage sitting on an old, rusty cot in the middle of the street? Moreover, it is a disruption of everyone’s work day. If it were me, I would have called the cops or ran them over a long time ago.

When a Homeless Man Photobombs Your Wedding Photo

It was so nice of this couple to let this homeless man be a part of their special day. The contradiction of the grand buildings behind them and the dirty hobo in front of them may also point to this couple’s future. Or, maybe we are just reading too much into the photos.

When You’re an Ass Man

Well, this is the worst honeymoon ever. Aside from the weird photo, the creepy looking groom, and the strange photo bomber in the back, this photo is just oodles of weird and awkward, not to mention the mess in the back. Only in Russia I guess.

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