12 Reasons The Women’s March Impacts Future Generations

While the impact of the Women’s March movement on future generations is not yet clear, this was truly a historic and momentous event wherein people of all ages, ethnicities, and genders came together to support equality and fair treatment in the eyes of the law, and as a rebuke to the election of a President who many feel does not represent them or their best interests. However, the reasons so many marched have already impacted many, and will continue to impact their families and loved ones for years to come. Here are 12 reasons people gave for marching that will have a far reaching impact on future generations.

For Mateo Ali

This man marched for his son, an admirer of Hillary Clinton.

For Those Without Papers

This woman marched for the rights of undocumented immigrants who are seeking a better life.

For Mama

This young woman marched for her mother, who gave up everything to give her a better life.

For the Disabled

This woman is marched in solidarity for the rights and respect of the disabled.

Because She is Always Enough

This woman marched because she knows her worth.

For Her Daughter

This woman marched because she wanted to set the best example for her daughter.

For Equality for Her Daughter

This woman marched because inequality is inexcusable.

For Equal Human Rights

This man marched for the right of everyone to have control over their own body.

To Be A Hero

Supergirl actress Melissa Benoist marched because real heroes stand up for equality.

For Those Who Are Afraid

This man marched to be an ally to the fearful.

For His Daughters

This dad marched because women are people, too.

For Free Education for All

This woman marched because education is the future.

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