17 Horror Movie Stars: Then and Now

Ever wondered what happened to the child in The Shining? What about the stars from Halloween, Poltergeist, and Friday the 13th. The following is what these stars look like today.

Betsy Palmer

Palmer was Mrs. Vorhees herself in the 1980 Friday the 13th movie. She was the original killer in the series. Now, she is still appearing in horror movies and television shows and is constantly being recognized as Jason's mother. She was offered the same role in the 2003 movie Freddy vs. Jason but turned it down.

Danny Lloyd

Star of the 1980 film RedRum, an adaptation of Stephen King's The Shining, Lloyd was five when he worked with Jack Nicholson. Now, Lloyd is a science teacher, father of six, and a pig farmer, leading a "pretty normal life." He was able to get out of the spotlight and now isn't even recognized in public.

John Franklin

Franklin played the leader of the teen cult in Stephen King's film adaptation of the 1984 movie Children of the Corn. He also played Cousin Itt in two Addams Family films. Now, he left the spotlight to teach English to "leave a greater legacy than just being Cousin Itt."

Tony Todd

Known for roles such as the 1990 flick Night of the Living Dead, the Final Destination series, and Candyman (1992). Now, he is n actor and producer and has a successful Hollywood career. He continued his role in Final Destination 5, and starred in the Night of the Living Dead remake.

Sissy Spacek

Sissy played the telekinetic prom queen Carrie in the 1976 film adaptation of Stephen King's movie of the same name. She has continued to e a star, starring in a 2015 TV drama about a family with lots of skeletons in their closets.

Christopher Lee

The debonair and handsome British actor played the big bad Dracula in a plethora of movies. Now, Sir Christopher Lee has had many notable roles such as Saruman in The Lord of the Rings franchise. In May 2014, he released a heavy metal album aout the adventures of Don Quixote.

Devon Sawa

Sawa was known for his part in Casper and Little Giants but reached fame in the 2000 thriller Final Destination. He continued his work, recently being linked to the CW series Nikita. He and his wife welcomed a son in January of 2014.

Bruce Campbell

Bruce Campbell was Ash in the 1981 version of The Evil Dead, but his career got better from there. He was the comedic King of Thieves in the Xena, The Warrior Princess tv show, and is now reprising his role as Ash in the pending remake (or is it a continuation?).

Adrienne King

King played Alice Hardy in the original Friday the 13th and the second part of the series as well. She was eventually killed off by Jason himself. She continues to be a horror queen, playing two parts in 2014's Tales of Poe.

Jamie Lee Curtis

Curtis is the original "Scream Queen" playing Laurie Strode in 1978's Halloween and its sequels as well as The Fog and Prom Night. Since then, she has become wildly successful starring in hit movies like Freaky Friday and You Again and tv shows like NCIS and New Girl. She has authored a number of children's books, some of which have been on the New York Times best seller. She also stars in the horror tv show Scream Queens alongside a star-studded cast including Emma Roberts, Ariana Grande, and Nick Jonas.

Nick Castle

Castle played Michael Myers in 1978's Halloween. Now, he is a writer and director, helping to develop Hook and August Rush.

Zelda Rubinstein

Rubinstein played the clairvoyant in Steven Spielberg's 1982 movie Poltergeist as well as the next two installments. She also had roles in movies such as Sixteen Candles, Teen Witch, and Cages. She passed away at 76 in 2010 for respiratory and kidney failure.

Robert Englund

Freddy Krueger himself in A Nightmare on Elm Street, Englund got his fame then. Now, he continues his horror legacy and has guest starred on shows such as Workaholics, Chuck, and Hawaii Five-O. He donned the claw one last time at a 2014 horror convention.

Jonathan Breck

Breck was the demonic villain in the 2001 movie Jeepers Creepers and its 2003 sequel. Now he continues to act, last starring in Parkland in 2013.

Miko Hughes

This child star was in 1989's Pet Sematary, also starring in movies like Kindergarten Cop, Mercury Rising, and Apollo 13. He also starred in 13 episodes of Full House. Now, he continues to act in movies such as A City of Shoulders and Noses and William Froste. He also starred in Remains (2011).

Mia Farrow

Farrow played Rosemary in Rosemary's Baby, 1968 psychological horror movie directed by Roman Polanski. She revisited the horror genre when she played Mrs. Baylock in The Omen. She played Phyllis in 2011's Dark House as a last job before her work as a UN global ambassador and a humanitarian became her focus.

Cary Elwes

Elwes portrayed Dr. Lawerence Gordon as he was tortured by Jigsaw. Remember when he cut off his own foot to survive? Now, he has remained in the limelight and starred in films like Cawdor, Lost & Found, and The Greens Are Gone.

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