15 Photos The White House Wishes it Could Bury Forever

Every presidential candidate experiences public scrutiny, and every questionable photo ever snapped is guaranteed to resurface. However, President Donald Trump seems to have more than the usual number of compromising situations and photographs/statements/video footage he wishes would go away. Let’s take a look at fifteen photos the sitting President of the United States would very much like to disappear.

Ivanka’s Dance

This first cringeworthy photo depicts a young Ivanka, now a mature and poised woman, appearing to dance and grind on her father Donald’s lap. Both seem to treat this as completely normal, as though this happened every day. It does make one question exactly how close this father and daughter are though, and not in a good way.

Parents and the KKK

While this photos was proven to be a photoplasty, it didn’t stop people from taking it at face value. During the 2016 election, this fake was plastered all over social media. The real question is though, why was everyone so willing to accept that this picture was in fact real? Says a lot about the public perception of Trump and his family when you think about it.

Big Game Hate

Unfortunately for Trump, this is not the only picture of his sons that depict them hunting African animals for sport. In 2010 and 2011 they took an antelope, two buffalos, a cheetah, and a crocodile. Big game hunting and exotic hunts like the Trump brothers’ trips are largely viewed as anachronisms from the age of colonialisms that have no place in the modern world. It definitely sent the wrong message to animal rights activist and groups.

Risque Melanis Photoshoots

In 1996, Melania and fellow model Emma Eriksson did a BDSM themed photoshoot together in an NYC apartment. The pictures of course resurfaced during the presidential campaign. It definitely is not in keeping with most Americans perception of what makes a First Lady. Pictures are forever.

The Inauguration Crowd Debate

Just days after the Inauguration, there was the ugly battle between the White House and the mass media over the size of the crowds at the Presidential Inauguration compared to the size of the crowd in 2008 when Obama first took office. It set the tone for Trump’s relationship with both the media and the American people, and not in a good way.

CNN’s Cover Photo

When CNN published a book chronicling the 2016 election, there were two editions released with two photos of Trump on the cover. The President complained that CNN had used an extremely unflattering photo of him, and took to Twitter to voice his complaints. Hopefully CNN can get a happier looking picture of The Donald for the next book they release.

Trump University

Oh dear. If only this had never happened. What was sold as a wealth-building school for real estate developers suffered setback after setback in terms of licensing, accreditation, and actual classes. Trump University closed in 2010, and a $25 million dollar lawsuit was filed by former students and investors

The Beauty Pageants

When audio recordings of Trump discussing his behavior at the Miss Universe, Miss USA, and Miss Teen USA beauty pageants on the Howard Stern Show, Trump got some serious flack thrown his way for his behavior. Apparently, he would barge into dressing rooms where aspiring pageant contestants were in various states of undress, some of them as young as 15. Pageant owner or not, that kind of behavior is not okay. The above photo becomes extremely creepy when seen in that context.

Failure to Pledge Allegiance

This unfortunate photo was taken during a photo op, where Trump appears to be non participating in the pledge of allegiance. Not exactly Presidential-hopeful behavior. The timing of the photo may have been off and Trump may have raised his hand to his heart to participate, but this photo speaks volumes about his attitude and patriotism.

Signing a Breast

Whoo boy! This is one that I’m sure they wish would go away. This is not the kind of behavior one would anticipate from anyone who was at the time contending for the highest office in the nation. Signing a supporters boob is in no way presidential behavior.

The Clintons

For all his campaign rhetoric about “Crooked Hillary”, this photo of Donald, Hillary, Bill, and Melania at Trump’s wedding seems very chummy.

The Hair

So many of these pictures have been taken, and it image that launched a thousand memes. Just what is going on with his hair? No wonder he wears a hat so often.

Too Close To Hollywood

After the “locker room talk” recording surfaced, Trump tried to damage control as much as he could, but it was too late. These remarks were made right before an interview with Arianne Zucker, and it cast Trump in an extremely negative light that has not been forgotten about since by opponents or allies.

Which One’s The Baby?

As W.C Fields once remarked “Never work with animals or children.” This photo is proof enough of that. Babies are notoriously unpredictable, and this photo of a very orange looking Donald holding crying babies is far from flattering. Yeah, bet he’d go back in time and change that one if he could.

The Worst Photo Ever

Trump has done some very questionable things, but this photo of him openly mocking a handicapped reporter speaks volumes about who and what Donald Trump really is, and it is an ugly picture. Again, if Trump had a time machine, I am sure this would be topping the list of actions he would undo.

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