15 Images of Michael Jordan Living the Billionaire Life

A living legend of the NBA’s “Golden Age”, Michael Jordan was the champion of all champions with 6 NBA Championships, 6 Finals MVPs, five NBA MVPs, and 14 All-Star appearances,9 All-Defensive First Team selections, and NBA Scoring Champion 10 times. Off the court, Jordan has built a multi-billion dollar fortune for himself, and has long been the trend-setter and standard bearer by which all other athletes are judged when it comes to product or service endorsement. While he has invested significant amounts of his fortune in numerous charities, Jordan also enjoys the many luxuries and perks that his enormous fame and fortune afford him. Let’s take a look at some of the opportunities and dreams a famous and successful billionaire can afford.

Others Dream, Michael Does

While many of us have simple dreams of travelling or accomplishing specific life goals, Jordan has the prestige and money to make any dream his reality. For example, racing in motorcycle grand prix events: Jordan had always dreamed of competing in motorbike racing since he was a kid racing dirtbikes in North Carolina, and he recently realized his dream of professional motorbike racing in Valencia, Spain. Riding a custom red and white Ducati Desmosdici, Jordan competed with professionals on a real track, realizing his lifelon dream of competing in an actual Moto GP event.

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