15 Celebrities Who Defy Age

Some celebrities never seem to age! It’s just not fair! There are many older celebs playing much younger characters, and we had no idea! What’s their secret? Great makeup artists? Exercise? Botox? The magic of the big screen? Whatever the secret, these guys and gals look much younger than their actual ages.

Rosamund Pike

Rosamund Pike is a classically trained British actress who has appeared in a wide variety of roles from the classic British characters in Pride And Prejudice to the juicy role as a Bond girl to the disturbingly creepy role in the hit movie Gone Girl. The 5 foot 9 inch leggy blond Brit seems like she hasn’t aged a bit, although she is 37 years old and a mother of two. The only thing Gone Girl about Rosamund is wrinkles—she doesn’t have any!

Tom Cruise

Millions of fans remember the super sexy underwear scene in Cruise’s breakout role in the movie Risky Business. While Tom has aged over the years, he still looks way younger than he actually is, and we think he gets sexier with each passing year. He was born in 1962, making him over 50 years old. We think his trademark smile and his youthful eyes and great hair all contribute, but most of all, we think Tom’s fantastic youthful energy is the main reason he remains so young looking.

Pharrell Williams

Perhaps happiness is the key to youth. We know Pharrell Williams best from his hit “Happy” which stayed at the top of the Billboard charts for weeks. He was also a judge on the hit TV show The Voice. Of course, only expert musicians get to be judges and it just didn’t seem that Pharrell had been around long enough in the music world. But he has. The music legend was born in 1973 and is in his forties. He is blessed with boyish good looks and a great outlook on life. He works very hard but with his boyish good looks, he certainly doesn’t show any signs of stress or aging.

Lucy Liu

OK, it’s just not fair. Lucy Liu has just simply stopped aging. We first saw her in the megahit Charlie’s Angels. We watch her weekly on her hit TV show Elementary, and we swear she looks EXACTLY the same! Shockingly, Liu was born in 1968 and is nearly a half-century old. It is truly hard to believe. She is sexy and smart and apparently has figured out how to defy age.

Dylan McDermott

Dylan McDermott has long been the sexy bad boy we all love to watch. He has played numerous television and movie roles, and has an incredibly demanding and hectic work schedule. He’s won a Golden Globe and has been nominated for an Emmy too. You’d think that his crazy life would make him age, but it hasn’t. He was born in 1961 and much to our surprise, he is in his fifties! When you think about it, he has been around a long time—since his days playing attorney Bobby Donnell on The Practice, but it still doesn’t seem that he’s that old!

Gabrielle Union

No way! We refuse to believe it. Gabrielle Union is over 40! In fact, the 5 foot 7 inch beauty was born in 1972. She started her career in the 1990’s and still turns heads to this very day, including of course, her husband, NBA superstar Dwayne Wade. Gabrielle continues to play incredibly sexy characters in her various movie and TV roles, proving age is just a number.

Rob Lowe

It will most likely surprise you to know that Rob Lowe was born the same year as the lovely Sandra Bullock. It seems like we’ve been watching Rob in television shows for the longest time—whether it be in his role as Sam Seaborn on The West Wing to his hilarious character on Parks and Recreation. Rob may very well be the actor that has aged most gracefully. It’s not just his youthful good looks, Rob also has a very fun-loving youthful attitude that keeps him looking and feeling young. We still can’t believe he has college-aged children! He looks like he’s in college!

Jennifer Aniston

Aniston was born the same year as Gwen Stefani—1969. You may not believe it, but this makes the Friends star nearly 50 years old. Can you believe it? She looks the same today in her many movie roles as she did during her days on NBC’s mega-hit Friends. All you have to do is watch the reruns to see it. She looks just as beautiful. Many people feel that she has become even sexier. Aniston’s flawless skin, beautiful hair and amazing body are still impeccable, and contribute to her youthful look.

Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore is a timeless beauty who never seems to age. She is stunning in every movie she is in, and even more stunning in her cosmetics commercials. But Julianne was born in 1960, and is shockingly in her mid-fifties. Yes, you read that right! This mom of two has a college-aged son, and is even old enough to be a grandmother. She has a sex appeal that is undeniable and a beauty that radiates as if she is in her thirties.

Sandra Bullock

It it hard to believe that Sandra Bullock’s first leading role in a movie was in 1994, over 20 years ago. She starred alongside Keanu Reeves that year in the movie Speed. She has done so many film roles over the years, and is one of Hollywood’s highest paid leading ladies. She gets sexier and more gorgeous with each passing year, and it is hard to even believe that Bullock was born in 1964, making her over 50 years old. If you didn’t know better, you’d never guess it! Bullock is also a mom, and has managed to still look amazing every day with her busy schedule.

Jim Parsons

Jim Parsons is best known for playing the college-aged Sheldon on the very popular TV sitcom The Big Bang Theory. His character has such a childish demeanor; he dresses up as action figures and collects Star Trek memorabilia. But Parsons was born in 1973, so in real life, he is in his forties. Hmmm….Sheldon never seems like he’s on the verge of a mid-life crisis, does he?

Lori Loughlin

From her days as Rebecca Donaldson-Katsopolis (a.k.a. Aunt Becky) on the very popular TV sitcom Full House to her recurring role on the new sitcom Fuller House, American actress and model Lori Loughlin hasn’t aged one bit. But as a matter of fact, the beautiful brunette is more than 50 years old! She has been married to Italian fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli for nearly 20 years and the couple has two daughters, Olivia and Isabella. Bella!

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

This shot was recently taken while married couple Nicole and Keith enjoyed a holiday surfside in Australia. The two show off their tan beach bods. They’re the same age, but how old do you think they are? You won’t believe it, but both are 49! They have been married 10 years, certainly a long marriage by Hollywood standards, and were celebrating at the beach with their two daughters. Nicole and Keith, whatever you are doing, keep on doing it because you both look great! No one would ever fathom that they're both at the half century mark!

Gwen Stefani

Gwen is as hot as ever! We’re sure current flame Blake Shelton agrees. But Gwen was born in 1969 and surprisingly is almost 50 years old. The years have been incredibly kind to this mom of three and powerhouse talent. It’s hard to believe that she started her career in the 1990’s singing with No Doubt.

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